FUSION-FUEL'S R&D team started tackling the challenge of efficiently and cost-effectively producing Green Hydrogen at the start of 2018.

Prohibitively high production costs have historically made green hydrogen commercially unviable. In order to solve this challenge, the Fusion team broke with convention and took a fundamentally different approach than the rest of the industry. Rather than focusing on ever larger electrolyzers, they developed the concept of a miniaturized and decentralized design, which required completely rethinking the materials used, production methodology, and system architecture.

Between 2018 to 2020 the team developed, tested and submitted patents for its radically different solution that opens the doors to green hydrogen that can be cost-competitive with grey hydrogen in the near future.

HEVO is the defining creation of this revolutionary new design - a bold step in the evolution of electrolyzer technology.

HEVO is FUSION-FUEL'S proprietary miniaturized PEM electrolyzer.

It has been specifically designed to be small, lightweight and, critically, possible to be mass produced. Its simplicity allows it to be versatile in its use. It can be combined with a high-efficiency solar cell and attached to a specifically designed concentrated photovoltaic solar panel to directly leverage the sun’s energy—both electrical and thermal—to deliver highly competitive green hydrogen.

HEVO-SOLAR is the exciting result of the combination of over a hundred of FUSION-FUEL'S revolutionary HEVO electrolyzers with a specially-designed high efficiency concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar module, a solution designed to make optimal use of both the electrical and thermal energy from the sun.

The CPV cell converts more than 40% of solar energy it captures into electricity, while the remaining 60% given off as thermal energy. By attaching HEVO directly to the CPV solution, HEVO is able to utilize the electrical energy without transport or conversion losses, while also benefiting from the thermal energy to pre-heat the water and reduce the energy load required for electrolysis.

The CPV system concentrates solar rays 1,400x onto a triple junction solar cell, allowing for very high photovoltaic conversion while also generating the heat that improves the efficiency of our electrolyzer. Each HEVO-SOLAR unit has a surface area of around 100m2 and weighs approximately 4 tons.

In a location with 2,100 KWh/m2/year of solar irradiance—the average annual DNI in southern Portugal—each HEVO-SOLAR can produce 1 ton of Hydrogen per year. We can also utilize renewable energy from the grid or other sources to power our units overnight or when the sun isn’t shining, which would double the annual output of each HEVO-SOLAR.

Can produce up to 2 tons of Green Hydrogen per year.